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The Fluff Factory® has taken cotton candy favors and popcorn treats to a whole new level. We have put a modern spin on our gourmet handmade signature favors that are sure to delight anyone from ages 0-99+ This is the newest craze to hit weddings, baby showers, party's and events.

We make our own special blend of gourmet organic sugars which guarantees you the BEST Freshest Fluffiest cotton candy that has ever crossed your taste buds.

The Fluff Factory makes our own Special blend of sugars which guarantees you the BEST fluffiest melt in your mouth cotton candy.

Our cotton candy party favors are organic, gluten free, and vegan!

 Our cotton candy favors are made to order and are customization for any event.

Our gourmet cotton candy can be spun on site live at any wedding, party or event or we can deliver your cotton candy favors straight to your door, office, hospital, as well as ship your treats nationwide.

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Step inside the sweetest Candy Land in Texas!

Please email [email protected] with any questions for wholesale and retail opportunities both local and nationwide.

Fresh Spun Cotton Candy

Fresh Popped Popcorn

Our Awesome "BARS"